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Many farmers consider building pole barns because they are affordable, easy to construct, durable, and very functional.  In fact, many farms have more than one pole barn building on their property. So how do you build one? Here's a basic primer to get you started.

First, you must plan your building, of course. You want to purchase or make pole barn plans to create the kind of building that will accommodate the function for which you desire to use it. You will need to place the poles about 2 feet to 10 feet apart,

and how far apart you can actually place them will depend on what materials you choose to use for your construction.  For instance, if you use metal for construction, you will need to place the poles closer together to ensure the metal does not bend.  If you use wood, the spacing of the poles will depend on the lengths of the boards you choose with 10 foot spacing
being the recommendation or norm. Plan to make the barn tall enough to be functional, but don't make it taller than necessary, and make it any length you desire.

After you have your pole barn plans established, digging comes next. As mentioned, the poles will be somewhere between 2 feet and 10 feet apart, so you will need to dig a hole for each pole. Make each hole at least 18 inches deep. For wetter ground, go with wider, deeper holes to keep the poles more stable. Keep in mind, as mentioned above, that the poles should not be spaced further than the length of the materials you will use to construct the sides. Put the poles into the holes, ensuring they are straight upright and then concrete them into place to secure them. If you want a foundation, such as gravel or a concrete slab, you would add this next.

Now you will begin adding the materials for the sides which also supports the building horizontally. You should layer the metal or boards utilizing the poles to support the side materials and trussing each piece as you proceed ensuring the pieces are secure and will not move. Before you go crazy, be sure you remember where you will have a door so you don't close up that area. It's fairly common and embarrassing to get so caught up in the construction that you forget.

With metal construction, be sure you truss each and every piece and attach it firmly. Any piece that gets loose or catches the wind can cause unpredictable damage and destruction. And again, remember to leave a place for the door. This reminder is mentioned twice because forgetting the place for the door is such a common mistake to make.

After you've got the sides on and your door, all you need to do is add a basic roof and your pole barn is complete. If you want, you could add a loft, but sometimes a second story is too much stress for a pole barn to take. A basement is another option when deciding on your pole barn plans, but that would be in lieu of the foundation discussed in step two. Finally, you could also opt to insulate the pole barn with an all-weather insulating product.

There you have it. Building a pole barn is a fairly straightforward, easy construction and that's one of the reasons they are so popular

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