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Pole barn homes require a drastic rethinking of the pole barn concept. In fact, it's so drastic that some refer to pole barn homes as post-frame houses. So, what does it take to create pole barn homes?

It needs to be realized that pole barn homes are a far different creature than the normal barns. A normal pole barn you can top with just the walls; with pole barn homes you need to go farther. You need insulation, wiring, and so much more. You also need to rethink the construction process.
In the normal pole barn construction process, the planning and building phases are straightforward: What you have on the blueprint will most likely be what you build. Pole barn homes, however, requires far more of both. An architect needs to draw up the blueprint, which must include wiring, plumbing, and other basic utilities, as well as rooms and doors. Once all of that has been mapped out,

the plan must then be built, usually requiring outside assistance.

Complicating this is that pole barn homes don't have the standard building frames; their frames are somewhat different in that they are based on poles, and the horizontal supports rather than an actual frame. This isn't a major difference, at least as far as installing fixtures and wiring goes, but it can be interesting the first time a plumber or electrician sees it and tries to hang something on the frame.

In a normal pole barn the outside can remain as is. In pole barn homes, however, the outside must be insulated from the outside, while an inner wall must be built and then insulation put into the area between the walls. The insulation must be put in while keeping in mind the wiring and other fixtures.

The obvious difference between normal houses and pole barn homes becomes apparent when you realize that a normal frame house has that all done before the outer walls go up. On pole barn homes, however, it is done after the outer walls have gone up. This creates all sorts of complications, but those problems are easily solved.

There is, of course, another consideration when building pole barn homes: The homes an be designed in modular terms rather than as whole cloth. The posts allow the house to easily turn, unlike normal home that favor big

The pole barn nature of the house does have one advantage; additions to the house are easier due to the posts; once you break down the appropriate wall, it's just a matter of filling it back in. Once all is done and taken care of, pole barn homes are just as warm and comfortable as other homes.
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