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You'll get several advantages if you build a pole barn. Pole barns are easy to build and inexpensive, and they're easy to keep up, too. Because of these reasons, they are popular on little farms, which usually don't have a lot of cash around and need to keep economies in view. And if the pole barns are built well, they can last a long time. However, they aren't for everyone, so how do you know if you should build one?

Do you have enough money? They only require about a third of the material of the regular barn, and require less labour, too. That means they're less expensive than
regular barns by a long shot. If you build a pole barn, you are going to be saving money versus building a regular barn.

What are you going to use your pole barn for? Normal barns are good for general use, but a pole barn is small enough that it should be used for a specific reason. For example, you could specify your pole barn plans so that you can use it for storage, especially if you need to store something well
away from the house. For example, if you're on the "back 40" a lot, a pole barn may be strategically placed for things you use there quite often. You can put a large number of animals in a pole barn, too, because you can add on to it as you need to. And because a pole barn is only one story tall, this makes it easy to do so, giving it another advantage.

However, pole barns do have intrinsic limitations, for some uses. First of all, they don't usually have a second story, at least not one that's like a standard barn's second story. If that's a consideration for you, then a pole barn may not be for you. However, whatever your pole barn plans are, you should also know that a pole barn can really survive anything, including tornadoes if it's built well. That means that a small size may be less of an issue than you originally thought.

Before you build a pole barn, though, make sure you need the space. You can build them easily, and it doesn't take much in the way of materials to make one, so pole barns are great if you need some space fast. Pole barn plans can be specified for anything from general storage to feed storage to animal housing, so they literally are an all-purpose type of structure.

Finally, do you have enough people to help you build a pole barn? Regular barns require a lot of labour to build them, such that it "takes a village" to build a barn in a single day. However, just a few people can build a barn in a day, so it's an easy task. Feed everyone with some barbecue, and you can make a party of it.

Pole barn plans do take some consideration before you decide to build one, but usually not for long.
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